Friday, 30 July 2010

Folksy Friday - Eco Chic (& all that rubbish!)

Just what would you do with an old bicycle tyre, a juice carton, bottle tops, train tickets, sweet wrappers, old CD's, children's story books or broken crockery?
Most of us would probably just throw them away...
... but not these ingenious people who have provided me with excellent examples for this week's Folksy Friday blog selection.  Each and every item is made from something that you and I would not think twice about chucking out - and yet each has been cleverly and lovingly turned into something new and lovely.  Ultimate recycling!

(Click on the item name to be taken to the seller's Folksy shop - where you can learn more about how all these fascinating things are made.)

Eco Daisies

Aren't they ALL just totally brilliant!  So, that should make us all think again about what we throw away...!!

Sorry, but there won't be a Folksy Friday from me next week - I am off for a few celebratory days in beautiful sunny Barcelona - but I will be thinking up some exciting new selections to search out when I am back... so please be patient, and see you in a couple of weeks!


The Sunroom said...

What a fabulous collection of really inventive items. I love them all but especially the ethos of reusing :-)

OddSox aka Thesockgarden said...

Very impressive! I really like the idea of making confetti from romance novels - brilliant. x

Carol said...

wow! what a great selection - and thanks for the mention (we were the vinyl records wine racks). My favourite was the rag rugs. Have a great holiday!

Helen-S said...

Amazing finds - how lovely to get back from holiday and find my flowers here :) Hope you are enjoying Spain - I did!