Friday, 27 August 2010

Folksy Friday - A Celebration of all things Lime...!

As regular readers will know, I am changing name and re-branding as The Lime Garden.  This is the same blog as before - all those gorgeous Folksy Friday finds - just renamed, and as of today a new look too!  My online gallery and shops go live on Wednesday 1st September (just 5 days away!) and as a celebration of things to come, I have decided to dedicate this week's Folksy Friday to all things Lime...

(just click on the name under each image to find out more about the item, prices, and to be taken to the Folksy seller's shop...)

Saturday, 21 August 2010

Out with the Old... And in with the New!

I am going through a transition period...  Bohoboutik (bohochic-boutique) will soon be no more, and I will be replacing it with...  The Lime Garden.

This will be a bright, fresh, new take on my original venture, but with a pared down product range, improved and enriched by new, quality variations.  This blog, Twitter, my website, Facebook, and my online shops at Folksy and Etsy, will all receive the make-over treatment - and by 1st September (gosh, it's getting close now!) I will be all changed, online and ready to go!!

I hope my loyal "followers" (on whatever platform) will follow me over to this exciting new playground, although I do accept that inevitably a few stragglers will be lost along the way.

I have created a new page on Facebook, to chart my progress and keep you all informed - so I would be thrilled if you could pop on over (here) and show your support by "liking" my page.  And once I am up and running properly, it will become a fully interactive page for the new business.

I have been touched by the following I have achieved in the short time I have been active on the web - just 4 months by the time The Lime Garden opens it's doors - and I hope that all the friends and associates I have made will do me the honour of bearing with me over the next 10 days, hang on in there, and see that it is still the same old me... just new, improved and a little better!

So... watch out for The Lime Garden where you used to see Bohoboutik, and join the migration!

Friday, 20 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Beautiful Beach Huts

Oh I do want to be beside the seaside...
              ...yes, I really do!
I remember being down on the south coast a few years ago - the exact resort escapes me - and being intrigued by all the beach huts, not just ordinary beach huts, but big, beautiful, posh, like you could actually live there, beach huts.
I even did some investigation into how much one of these beauties would cost - but when I realised it was a small fortune - yes, they really were second mortgage material, no kidding - I soon realised that owning one would forever remain a pipe dream.
This summer I have seen so many wonderful beach hut themed items for sale on Folksy, I realise that there is more than one way to own my very own beach hut!

Here is my selection of 20 fabulous Folksy Friday finds - all featuring beach huts - and if you want to find out more, or prices, or to be taken to the sellers own Folksy shop, then click on the link below the picture...

Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Flutterby Butterfly

Back from my sojourn in Barcelona, I am suitably refreshed and inspired!  Barcelona is a wonderful, beautiful and vibrant city (more of that another day) and has plenty of attractions to suit every taste: culture, art, history, scenery, parks, museums, beaches - and every girl's favourite - shopping!  The shops are truly fabulous, and I enjoyed one great day soaking up the continental style that abounds.

One major trend that I kept seeing was... Butterflies!  They are everywhere!  You may think that our British fashions have adopted the butterfly motif pretty well - but it's nothing compared to what I saw last week.  So, butterflies are big, big, big news - as well as being beautiful, feminine and really rather boho...

Here is my Folksy Friday Flutterby Butterfly collection:

(Click on the item name below the picture to find out more about the piece, and to be taken to the Folksy store...)

These are all such gorgeous items - you better catch them now before they all fly away!!