Friday, 25 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Taking the Biscuit...

This week, my Folksy Friday selection is a simply a homage to the humble biscuit...
Afterall, how often does this simple confection receive the glory it deserves for all the enjoyment, comfort, nourishment and dunking good fun it brings us?

Only these are biscuits with a difference!

Sorry, but not a single one is edible! Instead, they are adorable, quirky, fun, clever, handmade and totally and utterly absolutely calorie free!  (Almost better than the real things!)

Pour yourself a cuppa, and sit down with this lovely guilt-free plate of biscuits...

(click on the label under each item for more details about the piece and the seller...)

by PennyDog Jewellery

by Mozzypop

by design by vickle

by Sophie Green

by Floois

by Citrus Couture Jewellery

by Nikki Made

by Sweet Deception

by Poly Beads

by Lupin Handmade

Mmmm, they are all rather tasty, aren't they?

Friday, 18 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Amigurumi Zoo

Although I find the name a bit of a tongue twister, I really do lovely the current craze for amigurumi!

For those of you who don't already know, amigurumi is the japanese art of creating small crocheted or knitted stuffed animals.  It has taken off a storm in the crafting world - and I have untold admiration for all the artists who carry the art off successfully.  I am a knitter, but I'm afraid the art of crochet is totally beyond me!  I tried it once and just ended up tying my fingers together, and despite later practise I have retired my crochet hook and  decided to leave it to the experts. I do however, plan to have a go at the knitting version - at the moment I am just master of the jumper! But I will let you know how I get along...

In the meantime, here are some very gorgeous, very cute, very clever little characters, who are all looking for a new home...

(Click on the label below each picture to learn more about the item...)

by Treaclezoo

by Pink Amaryllis

by locket and pocket

by The Hunny Bunny Company

by Odd Sox

by Isamo Crochet

by SopieCat

by Rosieplumpton

by Cinnamon Street

by Flowers in the Attic

by Pink Tree Studios

by Katies Corner

Aren't they all so gorgeous??!

And if you fancy having a go at creating your own little creatures,
there are simply loads of amigurumi patterns available to buy on
Folksy, simply search for "amigurumi pattern".
Just don't call on me to untie your fingers!!

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Sex & Chocolate !!!

Well, that headline grabbed your attention, didn't it!

But what is it about these two subjects that seem to guarantee an audience?
Why are they so frequently compared?
And why do we so often say "Wow, that's even better than...(insert your preferred option)!"

Actually I can't pretend to answer these questions scientifically - I think it might be something to do with endorphins, but then I don't really know what they are either!  All I know is that they are probably the two best sales strategies, and the two most talked about subjects - and the debate will rage on...

So, with Valentine's Day approaching, and both these subjects "hot" on the agenda (!) I thought I would bring you my take on this age old dilemma...



A moment on the lips, a lifetime on the hips!
A moment of passion, can lead to maternity fashion!

A good way to increase your calorie intake.
A great way to increase your calorie burn rate.

Sweet and sticky...
Sweaty and sticky...

Enjoy it on your own, or with friends.
Hey, whatever, that's your business!

Enjoy a quick treat during your tea break.

Bad Chocolate...? No such thing!
Bad Sex...? Cheerio....!

Now, consider these...

If you get more chocolate than sex - you are probably a sweet-toothed, well rounded, comfort seeking chocaholic...
If you get more sex than chocolate - you are... possibly a floosie?!

Because, let's face it, in an ideal world, we really should be getting a balanced quota of both!

And finally...

If you prefer chocolate to sex - well, maybe you haven't met your ideal partner yet.
If you prefer sex to chocolate - well, you definitely haven't met your ideal chocolate!

On that note - enjoy your Valentine's treats - whatever they may be!!!   ;-)

Friday, 4 February 2011

Folksy Friday - The Power of Love...

Well, with Valentine's Day fast approaching (a week on Monday, in case you need reminding!!) I couldn't not give you a fantastic collection of handmade goodies to give to the one you love...

All the items are hand crafted, unique and definitely made with love too... I have tried to find a few different and quirky pieces for you too.

You should still have time to buy these in time for the 14th, but please do check with the sellers to be on the safe side...

As usual, click on the item name below each picture to find out more:

by mypipsqueak

by Penny Spooner Ceramics

by Quernus Crafts

by Hoppy Bunnies

by sweet things

by Precious Jewellery by Karen

by little a designs

by Abundant Glass

by Lizzybeths

by Winnie World Jewellery

by Tigerlily Creations

by Poesh

by made by kate d

by Anne Taylor Designs

by Driftwooddreams

So all I have to decide now is, which one do I buy for my hubby??