This page is for Folksy shop owners who are happy to swap items.
(If you are looking to trade, scroll right down...)

We often see all the lovely things that other people sell, but as dedicated handmade crafters we may not always have the pennies to purchase. So, is it rude to ask someone to swap something you make for something they make?

We don't think so!
To save you the potential embarrassment of asking, this page will be showing a list of Folksy sellers who are more than happy to consider a swapsie.

How it works...

Look through the list of Folksy Traders below
Browse their shop for any items that you may wish to trade for
Decide what you can offer them for a fair trade
Contact them through Folksy
If in agreement, both reduce your chosen item price to just 10p
(Change the description to read "SOLD : item reserved" or similar)
Purchase each other's item, paying just 10p plus the original postage price.
Leave positive feedback for your Folksy Trader!

Want to take part?

Subject line:  BLOG TRADING POST
Tell me your Folksy shop name, and give me a short list of general items that you would be interested in receiving as a trade eg. jewellery, ceramics, decorative items, soft furnishings, artwork, soaps & candles etc, please do NOT quote a specific shopping list!
If you are open to trading for anything, that's fine - just let me know.

I will pick a picture from your shop, and add it to this page with a link to your shop.
I will give a short description of the types of item you sell,
and the types of items you may be interested in receiving.

The rest is up to you!

Finally, a few rules of fair play...

You must be happy to trade any item that you have listed,
or quote a maximum value up to which you are happy to trade.
DO NOT charge inflated postage prices just to make a few pennies!
If you do not want to accept any offer, please decline politely.
If your offer to trade is declined, please do not hound the other seller,
it is their prerogative to decline.

At all times, please be polite, courteous, fair, reasonable and friendly!
And don't forget to leave some positive feedback for your trader.

Remember, your transaction is entirely between yourselves,
The Lime Garden is just the "notice board" and will NOT get involved in any disputes.
The Lime Garden reserves the right to decline to list any Folksy seller,
or remove a Folksy seller from this list at any time and for any reason.

(click on the shop name to visit the shop!)

Vintage Cup Candles, Moulded Candles, Wax Melts
Will consider trading for...
Decorative items, Ceramics, Stationery

Quirky, contemporary jewellery
Will consider trading for...
Anything - except jewellery!

Handmade Soaps
Will consider trading for...