Friday, 28 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Going Quackers...!

Is it really Friday already? Gosh, doesn't that roll round quickly... ! Still, I love Fridays, not just because it is nearly the weekend, but because I can bring you another Fifteen Fabulous Folksy Friday finds, of course!!!

Yes, it's official, this week I truly have gone completely QUACKERS! It's all about ducks...

I haven't got anything particularly witty to say about ducks, and I can't really tell you what inspired me to this theme... I just thought, hmmm, ducks! (So perhaps I am just a little bit certifiable?)

Anyway, here they are in all their glorious gorgeousness, just click on the name below each picture to find out more about each piece...

by Made 4 Your Books

by Kaela Mills

by Pat's Paraphernalia

by Miss Ria

by Julia Smith Ceramics

by A Room In My House

by Jenbys

by Toys n Stuff

by Heart and Sew Gifts

by Poppyfields Design

by Maxine Lee Illustration

by Corvus Chainmaille

by Kate Bowles

by Emma in Wonderland Photography

by Bits N Bobs

Have a quacking good weekend!

Monday, 24 January 2011

Make It on Monday - This is very quick and totally FREE !!

My first Make It on Monday is very quick, dead simple and totally and utterly free!

I was clearing out some of my craft stash and found four old food tin cans that I had been saving to do something "creative" with.  So I did something creative with them!

To make yourself some Stylish Desk / Pen Tidies...

You will need:

  • Food tin cans, washed and dried... I suggest the ones that have had ring-pull openers, as I cut myself quite badly on the one that didn't!!
  • Wallpaper samples - I popped into Homebase and tore myself some jaunty samples from their shelves, they're FREE! And yes, it's OK to do that, if you were re-papering the lounge you would do it, and loads of others do too.
  • PVA craft glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.

Measure your cans - mine were regular sized, so the measurements for the paper were 103mm in height and 250mm for the diameter allowing for an overlap.

Just cut out your paper, paste the back, and stick onto your tins...
(the PVA glue allows you to slide the paper a little to ensure it is straight)
...yes, it's that quick and easy!

Here are mine, looking rather stylish and sophisticated if I say so myself, all ready to stash all my craft tools...

Have fun!

Friday, 21 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Gardening Made Easy...

Now, I am not famed for my green fingers... Unfortunately we do not have a very big or inspiring garden, but I do like to at least try to grow things!  This week the Amaryllis bulb I was given at Christmas has sprung into life in a major way, I have acquired a new succulent for my desk (trying to break away from my only successes to date - money plants), the fiscus I bought for the lounge is still hanging on in there (known to be fussy little blighters) and I have noticed some very brave daffodils nosing their way out of the soil in the front garden.  So really, for me, things are positively blooming!!

It may be a little early to think that spring has truly sprung yet, but I am certainly getting the verdant vibe to chase away the post festive season mid-winter blues; so I was inspired to look at all things plant and gardening related on Folksy this week.  Yes there are items for real true gardeners, but also for us armchair wannabe's, as well as a couple of pieces for those who just want to celebrate the growing season... I hope there is something for everyone!

(As usual, click on the name below each picture to fly over to Folksy and find out more about each item.)

by Kabloom

by Jacqueline Cooley Glass Designs

by chocolate frog

by Penny Dog Jewellery

by Candys Emporium

by Diggi Wood Turning

by jml pottery

by Presto Beads

by Charlotte Hupfield Ceramics

by a room in my house

by Chasing Bella

by Lou Peajeux Illustration

by Little Wren Pottery

by big tree little tree

by Fleurs de Perles

Happy Gardening!!

Friday, 14 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Stripe-Tease !! ;-)

Yay, it's Friday again, and this means I am allowed to have another great mooch around all the lovely handmade things on Folksy, and bring you some of my favourites!

This week I have chosen stripey things. Why? Well, actually I was inspired because I have recently begun to knit to increase my cosy winter wardrobe, while chilling out and saving a few pennies, and I have been looking at designs of randomly striped fabric to get some ideas for colour combinations, and found myself falling in love just with stripiness in general.

So this week, I present my Fifteen Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds with stripes...

(click on the item name below each picture to learn more details...)

by Polka

by South Coast Crafts

by Elibee Gifts

by Jilly Mint

by Lazy Daisy

by HeyPico!

by Tied up with String

by daisy frames

by The Cookie Button

by Little Pieces

by Pendant Pixie

by Mosaic Tree

by jil made this

by Leanne Woods Design

by Alexia Claire

I hope you love all these as much as I do... which is your favourite?

Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Christmas leftovers take on a life of their own...

Christmas? Christmas?!  The festive season seems to be such a dim and distant memory already... for most people... Not here at Chez Lime, where we are still battling with leftover Christmas goodies.  As usual we bought in far too much - I blame all that snow for making us believe we had to stock pile!  We are making good progress though - we are down to the last few chocolates, only the toffees are left in the Quality Street tin and I put the last of the Pringles out of their misery yesterday.  Mind you, we still have nuts.  Nuts.  That great traditional Christmas nibble we all buy, but rarely eat...

But have you heard about my mini gingerbread men?

Well, I set about a baking frenzy on Christmas Eve, and after the Oatie Biscuits and the Chocolate Brownies, I unearthed the mini gingerbread men cutters that I had bought just because they were so cute, and sought out a recipe on the internet... It said it makes "about 20" - that's regular sized ones, so I didn't think to adjust the quantities... Mistake!

140 (yes, ONE HUNDRED AND FORTY) little men later I gave up... Yes, I did waste a little of the dough, but come on, enough is enough!

So we ate as many of them as we could, but I think they may have been breeding!  The little blighters are getting everywhere...

This one was discovered having a nice hot bubble bath....

This one is wondering where he is going to keep his pocket money...

I caught these two naughty boys at the Christmas brandy!

And this very brave little chap has challenged the last mince pie...

...who has crumbled under the pressure!!

Anyway, for now they have been rounded up and are safely contained - poor things are exhausted after their adventures - but I'm sure they will be up to more tricks soon!

If you would like to make an army of mini gingerbread men, or even just a few regular sized ones, this is the recipe I used:

(sorry, I can't acknowledge, I didn't keep the link!)

350g Plain flour
1 tsp bicarbonate of soda
2 tsp ground ginger
1 tsp cinnamon
100g soft margarine
175g soft brown sugar
1 egg
4 tbsp golden syrup

Rub the margarine into the flour, bicarb and spices, add the sugar, then the egg and syrup and need together to make a dough.  Roll out and cut as desired.  Bake at 190 for 10 to 15 minutes depending on the size of your biscuit...

I used gluten free self raising flour instead of the regular plain flour and bicarb, and this seemed to work OK - and you could use treacle instead of syrup and/or dark brown sugar if you want a richer taste.  Alternatively if you don't like ginger, swap the spices of good old vanilla essence.

Have fun!