Monday, 24 January 2011

Make It on Monday - This is very quick and totally FREE !!

My first Make It on Monday is very quick, dead simple and totally and utterly free!

I was clearing out some of my craft stash and found four old food tin cans that I had been saving to do something "creative" with.  So I did something creative with them!

To make yourself some Stylish Desk / Pen Tidies...

You will need:

  • Food tin cans, washed and dried... I suggest the ones that have had ring-pull openers, as I cut myself quite badly on the one that didn't!!
  • Wallpaper samples - I popped into Homebase and tore myself some jaunty samples from their shelves, they're FREE! And yes, it's OK to do that, if you were re-papering the lounge you would do it, and loads of others do too.
  • PVA craft glue.
  • Scissors.
  • Pencil.
  • Ruler.

Measure your cans - mine were regular sized, so the measurements for the paper were 103mm in height and 250mm for the diameter allowing for an overlap.

Just cut out your paper, paste the back, and stick onto your tins...
(the PVA glue allows you to slide the paper a little to ensure it is straight)
...yes, it's that quick and easy!

Here are mine, looking rather stylish and sophisticated if I say so myself, all ready to stash all my craft tools...

Have fun!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

They are very pretty xx

Rachel said...

Fantastic! I used to do this with tuna tins (the short fat ones) and pages of Time Out magazines... Just have to make sure you have one of those tin openers that doesn't leave a nasty edge. Along the same lines, I once used part of the sleeve of a felted old wool jumper to slip over a tin can for a penpot - was a birthday present for my brother in a lean year. He thought it was from Muji!!

itsamistry said...

That's a great idea. I'm going to make some for my new workroom at home and I've gone to a hardware shop and got sample pieces of wall paper to use in something other than on the wall.