Friday, 28 January 2011

Folksy Friday - Going Quackers...!

Is it really Friday already? Gosh, doesn't that roll round quickly... ! Still, I love Fridays, not just because it is nearly the weekend, but because I can bring you another Fifteen Fabulous Folksy Friday finds, of course!!!

Yes, it's official, this week I truly have gone completely QUACKERS! It's all about ducks...

I haven't got anything particularly witty to say about ducks, and I can't really tell you what inspired me to this theme... I just thought, hmmm, ducks! (So perhaps I am just a little bit certifiable?)

Anyway, here they are in all their glorious gorgeousness, just click on the name below each picture to find out more about each piece...

by Made 4 Your Books

by Kaela Mills

by Pat's Paraphernalia

by Miss Ria

by Julia Smith Ceramics

by A Room In My House

by Jenbys

by Toys n Stuff

by Heart and Sew Gifts

by Poppyfields Design

by Maxine Lee Illustration

by Corvus Chainmaille

by Kate Bowles

by Emma in Wonderland Photography

by Bits N Bobs

Have a quacking good weekend!


Tracy said...

What a lovely selection of Ducks ... Thank you for featuring my bookmark, much appreciated - Tracy

patsparaphernalia said...

Thanks so much for featuring my wee duck buttons on your Folksy Friday blog. Aren't all those ducks so cool? I especially like the rubber duck soaps and Doris the Duck (totally quackers)! Thanks again, Pat

Posts from Poppyfields said...

Thank you so much for featuring my 'Hello Duckie' pendant! Really appreciate it!

Emma in Wonderland said...

A great selection of duckys - I love the Duckys Boat print!

Thank you so much for including my Painted Duck print :-)

Emma ♥

Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

A positively fab post - what a great collection of duckies!

ToysNStuff said...

Absolutely quacking selection! Thank you for including my walking duck!