Friday, 25 February 2011

Folksy Friday - Taking the Biscuit...

This week, my Folksy Friday selection is a simply a homage to the humble biscuit...
Afterall, how often does this simple confection receive the glory it deserves for all the enjoyment, comfort, nourishment and dunking good fun it brings us?

Only these are biscuits with a difference!

Sorry, but not a single one is edible! Instead, they are adorable, quirky, fun, clever, handmade and totally and utterly absolutely calorie free!  (Almost better than the real things!)

Pour yourself a cuppa, and sit down with this lovely guilt-free plate of biscuits...

(click on the label under each item for more details about the piece and the seller...)

by PennyDog Jewellery

by Mozzypop

by design by vickle

by Sophie Green

by Floois

by Citrus Couture Jewellery

by Nikki Made

by Sweet Deception

by Poly Beads

by Lupin Handmade

Mmmm, they are all rather tasty, aren't they?


Rachel said...

YUM YUM! I bought my cousin's daughter felt biscuits and cakes from folksy for her 2nd birthday. I was showing them to friends in the pub after work the day they arrived, my husband came over with drinks and said "awesome, who brought cakes?". He was gutted when they turned out to be pretend!

Joy said...

A very yummy selection. They may be calorie free but they have made me hungry.

Sarah said...

Now you've just gone and made me hungry! A lovely little selection. Now why do I have a craving for a cup of tea now?

Sarah xx