Friday, 29 October 2010

Folksy Friday - Boxing Clever...

I just love boxes!  Big or small, plain or fancy, trinket, jewellery, hat, gift, keepsake or just plain cardboard - where would we be without boxes??  I have a whole wardrobe in my spare room stuffed to the gills just with boxes - odd and eclectic collections of "things" some carefully grouped and labelled, some just randomly stuffed.

I have made a resolution to de-clutter - part of our grand plan for moving sometime next year - and one thing I will need to organise is my boxes.  And I really can't part with all the odd contents, then I will just have to indulge my passion and buy some pretty ones that at least won't be an eyesore.

There are boxes for all occasions and pretty much any use, and here below are my Fifteen Favourite Fabulous Folksy Friday Finds...  (sorry, I just couldn't resist the last one!)

(as usual, click on the item name below the picture for more details)

(because birds love boxes too!)


Judy's Crafty Moments said...

Awesome collection of boxes!! I love boxes too and am always buying more. Thanks for featuring 2 of mine :)))

Hugs Judy xx

Dufflebobble said...

Thank you for including our bird box, nice to know the birds get included xxx

Great collection too

Cheers, Dufflebobble

Bluebell said...

Great choices, thanks for includng my stamp box :D

kate said...

Wow there are some lovely boxes there. Thanks for including my baby keepsake box :)

Dottie Designs said...

I love the stamp box... Great collection, off to look in some of the shops now :)

Thank you for including Gerald Giraffe!