Friday, 3 June 2011

Folksy Friday - Feeling Arty...

I haven't done a Folksy Friday post for a few weeks now, I'm trying to add a bit of variety to my blog, but I thought is was time to bring you a another selection of beautiful items from our wonderfully talented crafters and artists.

My inspiration for this week's collection came when I was researching items for another Folksy orientated blog that I write for (Found on Folksy - they publish a weekly Tuesday post) and came across so many lovely paintings and art works for my chosen subject (you'll just have to visit the blog next Tuesday to see what it is!) that I thought it was about time I showcased some of this amazing wall art.

I am truly astounded by the talent of these fabulous artists - personally I can't draw a pair of curtains, let alone know where to begin to create something this beautiful - so I am totally in awe of all the artists I have featured here. is bursting with similarly fantastic art pieces, and all at reasonable prices bearing in mind how much you would have to pay for one off pictures like these in a gallery. So support our clever artists, and next time you want to brighten up a room take a look!

by Cora Stone's Paintings

by Wellydog Gallery

by Posh Oxford

by Genevieve Cseh Art

by My Tweet Things

by Sascalia

by L F Studio

by ..........redpaint!

by cheery deary

by Vintage Twist art by Claire Barone

These are just a few of my favourites... click on over to to find yours...
...there are plenty more for you to discover!


Annie xx TheFeltFairy said...

What a fabulous collection! They are all so very different but equally good - I love the cat and stairs in particular but would have any on my walls x

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for doing a post on wall art; it tends to get a bit lost amongst all the other (equally fab, mind you!!) craftwork on Folksy. But I might be biased ;) Thanks for featuring my 'Autumn in the Highlands' painting. You've done a nice job of picking a variety of styles, which is nice to see.

wellydog said...

Lovely choices I especially love Redpaints Pebbles, Thanks for including me in your choices
Janice x