Saturday, 22 May 2010

A Corsage A Day Keeps The Blues At Bay...

Do you find yourself wanting to add that finishing touch to your outfit, add that little bit of individualism, but don’t know what to do? Your outfit matches, your shoes are just great, you are already wearing your favourite necklace, your bag is perfect, nails tone with lipstick... what else could there be???

You’re not wearing a CORSAGE!!!

For the uninitiated, a corsage is a bit like a brooch, but not stuffy and prim like your granny might wear – it is a fun, flowery, funky, fabulous, flirty, fabric.... well, brooch!

I started wearing a corsage about 5 years ago. It all started with a lovely dusky pink jacket I bought in the sales – which when I got home turned out to be more dirty than dusk, and really rather drab. But hey, I found a gorgeous muted pink flower corsage, teamed them together, and hey presto! The flower brought out the (ever so very) subtle pink tone of the jacket, and it has been a firm wardrobe favourite ever since.

I now have a small, but ever growing collection; and whenever I pin one on I just can’t help but smile – they not only lift your outfit – they lift the soul, and your whole day.

Now, everywhere you look, corsages are positively blooming... There are so many wonderful ones to buy, ones that have been lovingly handcrafted – none of these factory churned out horrors that have no personality – and you just know that yours is one of a kind.

I support two very great websites that sell hand crafted, recycled, upcycled and vintage items – here in the UK, and across the pond in the USA; they both have a wonderful selection of hand made corsages, and here are a few of my favourites...


From ETSY:

(sorry, no links - you'll just have to search for your favourites yourself...)

...and if you buy only one fashion accessory this month - make it a corsage!

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