Saturday, 29 May 2010

Any One For Tea...??

My dining room is beginning to resemble a tea shop!

A few weeks ago I got a commission to supply 60 tea cup candles as table decorations for a wedding, and I have been buying new stock ever since. Now, with just 6 weeks to go until delivery, the china is stacking up – and I have run out of storage space!

This has been a wonderful opportunity for me – I have totally indulged my passion for shopping for vintage crockery, and I have built up a stock of beautiful, gorgeous and stunning cups and saucers, which I can offer for hire again and again... if I don’t decide to keep a few pieces for myself...

My budget has allowed me to step up a gear and source more desirable items, and focus my interest on the types and styles of crockery that I would like to specialise in. My area of particular interest is in the supply of ENGLISH fine bone china – true vintage pieces, delicate, high quality, dainty, pretty and very lovely – because, sorry if I am going to offend anyone, but historically us Brits do make the best bone china!

My next venture, once the wedding is over, is to assemble a couple of Shabby Chic Vintage Tea Sets – two sets of 4 or 6 cups, saucers and plates, a milk jug, sugar bowl and – of course – a tea pot. They will be totally unique sets; 15 or 21 individual pieces of best quality, gorgeous crockery, every piece different, no two items the same – but toning and matching simply because of their chic-ness and beauty. I just know that they will be highly desirable – and I hope they will fly off the shelves like hot cakes...
Be here to be among the first to know when these are assemble and ready to sell.
(here's a taster...)

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vintage crockery – or vintage tea cup candles, please
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