Saturday, 12 June 2010

My Favourite Designer - Matthew Williamson

I was chuffed to pieces when I opened my Mail on Sunday last weekend, to find that they had a short feature on Matthew Williamson...  I mentioned this to several other people, and they said ...who??

I first came across MW (sorry for the abbreviation - love you, but your name is rather long to keep typing) only a couple of years ago when I was looking for a new handbag.  Those who know me will know of my ebay addiction, and so won't be surprised to hear that this is where I fell head over heals with this MW butterfly bag....

It's totally gorgeous - slouchy, purpley, sequinned - and totally me!
(In case anyone is feeling overly generous, I still don't own one of this design - and being an impoverished crafter, I just don't have the pennies at the moment.....  any offers...??? no...?? oh well, worth a try!)

Anyway, having found this little beauty, and found out who this wonderful designer was, I cried "Where have you been all my life!"  because THIS is how I have been feeling I should be for all my adult life...  (make sense?)

In fact, and some of you will already be screaming this, MW has been around the fashion design world for some time now, and is well established and well regarded.  His designs and products encompass not just clothes (men as well as women), but accessories and perfume too.  His vibe is all hippy-chick / bohochic - and he rates the much boho-ed Sienna Miller (ask anyone to name a bohochic icon, and they will invariable name Ms Miller) as one of his close friends.

He has spent time designing for Monsoon, and his style is very much influenced by a indian / gypsy theme, and he is also closely associated (perhaps inaccurately) with the Ibiza scene.

Having designed collections for Debenhams and H&M, as well as having stores in London, New York, Dubai and Kuwait, plus his own online store ( - he is very hip, very with it, very happening, very now - and very, very busy!

He is definitely one of my Favourite People, and easily wins a seat at my All Time Fantasy Dinner Party table, and I could ramble on for ages singing his praises.  But instead I will leave you with this link to the article that pleased me so much:

and this link to Wikipedia, for more MW facts:

and if you want any more information, well, you'll just have to google him yourself!

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