Friday, 12 November 2010

Folksy Friday - Cushion yourself for Christmas...

All regular readers of my Folksy Friday blogs will know that I do love a good cushion - whatever the theme of my selections, one always seems to creep in there.  So this week I decided to dedicate my whole blog to gorgeous, cuddly, comfy, crafty cushions.  There are cushions for the lounge, cushions for the bedroom, cushions for the conservatory, even cushions for the kitchen... cushions for boys, cushions for girls, cushions for mum and cushions for men...  After all, you can never have too many cushions can you?

When I entered "cushion" as my search on Folksy, I was hit with 211 pages of gorgeousness - that's well over 2000 cushions for you to choose from!!  All are hand made and all are totally lovely.  Thankfully I decided to limit my choices to just 20 - and that was hard!  Otherwise we could have been here all week...!

(Click on the name below each picture to be taken to the relevant Folksy shop, and learn more about the seller.)

Aren't they all gorgeous???
Are you, like me, wishing you had a bigger house to put them all in???

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UniquelyYours said...

WOW!! They are incredible. I didn`t realise we had so many available on Folksy. Well done. I want them all. Linda