Friday, 1 April 2011

10 things I have learned this week...

They say you learn something everyday... well, you certainly do! It may not be earth-shattering, or highly intricate or academic - but KNOWLEDGE IS POWER !! I'm not quite sure how empowered I am feeling by these realisations though...

1.  You may follow knitting patterns to the stitch, but they won't necessarily turn out like the picture on the front.

2.  Using plain flour instead of self-raising flour, and forgetting to add any baking powder, will definitely lead to a flat stodgy sponge - but the dog WILL still eat it.

3.  There are dishonest sellers on Ebay that go bonkers when you point out their deceptions - but you CAN embarrass them into a partial refund, especially when their feedback score depends upon it.

4.  Not all hospital procedures are necessarily as painful as you think they are going to be - so there really is no need to be scared.

5. I really can kill a houseplant without even trying.

6.  The world does not stop if you don't Tweet for 24 hours.

7.  My cat does NOT like trout?! Or yoghurt.

8.  Palm wax is truly beautiful - and is absolutely the way to go.

9.  Apparently elephants are the only mammal with 4 knees... yes, really.

10. Strangely, I have realised that I have a strong desire to become an Estate Agent.

I am taking active steps to realise this last revelation - but I'm not entirely sure how useful I will find the previous 9 !!


Beata - IyoboDesign said...

Oh my, you must have had a really busy week! lol
I totally agree with the 5th. And recently realised the 6th also.

cupcakejojo said...

This post did make me smile. Sounds like you've had a hell of a week! x