Friday, 25 March 2011

Folksy Friday - Birthstones

I was pondering a birthday gift this week, for a very lovely friend - but she is soooo difficult to buy for! And then someone asked what her birthstone was... and it solved the problem!  So I thought I would pass this little "gem" (full pun intended!) on to my blog readers, so that you are all fully armed and equipped with ideas when you to are faced with a similarly troublesome present problem....

I have picked out some beautiful jewellery pieces, some from the modern birthstones, and some from the traditional ones - there are several stones for each month, apparently, so hopefully you should find something to suit your pocket, even if you are not on a "crown jewels" budget!

As usual, click on the label below each item picture for more details from

January : Garnet or Rose Quartz
by Vanda Handmade Jewellery

 February : Amethyst or Onyx
by Damselfly Jewels

March : Aquamarine or Bloodstone 
by CeeGee Jewellery Design

April : Quartz or Diamond 
by You Nique You

May : Emeral or Chrysoprase 
by LouLy

June : Pearl or Moonstone 
by ZM Designs

July : Ruby or Carnelian 
by Mila Jewellery

August : Peridot or Sardonyx
by Kara Gems

September : Lapis Lazuli or Sapphire 
by Halcyon Jewellery

October : Opal or Tourmaline 
by The Owl and the Pussycat

November : Topaz or Citrine 
by S B Jewellery

December : Tanzanite or Turquoise
by Corinna2Designs

Aren't they all gorgeous - have you made your birthday wishlist yet???


Victoria said...

Some beautiful items included here :) and thank you for including my stacking rings too x

Rachel said...

Lovely pieces, thank you for including my earrings.

CeeGee Jewellery Design said...

Really gorgeous selection - thank you for featuring my bracelet!