Sunday, 15 May 2011

Sunday Bookworm - Coming Soon...!

Calling all fellow bookworms!

One of my New Year's Resolutions this year was to read a wider selection of books. In an attempt to get away from just grabbing at any old book from the charity store, I would be a little more judicious, search out books by my favourite authors, seek out new writers, and compile a list of authors and books to discover.

I'm not doing too badly so far, and I am gaining far more pleasure from my snatched bookworm moments - it is certainly a case of quality beating quantity.  So I thought I would share my little literary journey with you.

Each month I will be reviewing a different book. Some by favourite authors of mine, and some I have discovered through recommendation. I can't promise that they will all be weighty tomes, mind blowing literature or praiseworthy classics; but they will all be books I have enjoyed!

And I hope that some of you will join me - and hopefully find a new book that you will love too!  I will let you know each month what the next month's book will be... And I would love if some of you will read it too, and then send me your own thoughts or comments that I can include when I write my own review.

The first Sunday Bookworm will be posted on Sunday 19th June, and I have chosen....

The Ice Cream Girls
by Dorothy Koomson if you have read it already, or would like to read along with me and tell me what you think, please email your comments to me at 

subject line: Sunday Bookworm

and I will pick two or three comments to add to my own review.

I look forward to hearing what you think of the book!

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Sharon @ SP Jewellery said...

I'd really love to join in my but I'm not able to focus on reading at the mo, I will keep an eye on your reviews though :)