Friday, 26 August 2011

Folksy Friday - Perfectly Purple!

Anyone who follows me on Twitter (@thelimegarden) will know that I had a bit of a hair crisis this week... What was meant to be a rich mulberry brown home hair dye session, turned into a purple screamer! Yes my hair came out purple - no, not just a hint of, but real true "Cadbury's Purple".
The following day I rushed down to my faithful hairdresser (love her to bits!) for an emergency meeting - she eyed up my purple handbag, watch and nail polish (yes, purple IS my favourite colour, but not for my hair!!) and told me "actually, it looks pretty funky!" Once I had convinced her that, yes it was a nice colour (for crushed velvet!), but no it wasn't what I had wanted (waving the hair dye packet under her nose a couple of times) and telling her she could do whatever she liked to the colour, the length and the style, so long as the result was (a) easy to handle (b) stylish (c) suits me (d) appropriate for a 41 year old trying to be a taken slightly seriously business personage and (e) not purple, we booked an appointment for later today... I am hoping the result will still be Cadbury's - but more the chocolate, not the wrapper!

So, having had a very purple week, I thought I would bring you a great selection of purple accessories - whatever your hair colour might be!

(all items are handmade and can be purchased at - just click on the link below each picture to find out more...)

These delightfully simple earrings caught my eye, being
almost the exact colour of my hair!
by Barton's Beautiful Bracelets

 This bracelet is cute and funky...
(perhaps my hairdresser would like it??)
by Pookledo

This felted brooch would add the perfect touch
of purple to a plain jacket or coat... 
by Hanapea

 This is a very pretty and cosy looking cowl scarf,
if my hair colour doesn't change, it will frame my face perfectly!
by TickledPink Sheep

 I just love this cool resin pendant necklace:
by Freak Carousel

 This is a gorgeous statement ring, and the pastel
colour is beautiful...
by Hand Over Your Fairy Cakes

 If you like your purples punchier, then this is a stunning
felted corsage - I love it!
by made by lolly x

 With autumn only around the corner, I think I may invest in
a pair of these...
by winternagel

 This purple bag charm would make the perfect
companion for my lovely purple handbag:
by sk designs

 This picture just about embodies my love of
the colour purple...
by Hazy View Images

 And this lovely wee purple cushion has a 
vintage feel about it - and I do love vintage too!
by Ronnieray Crafts

 This is another funky jewellery piece, I really like the
millefiori polymer clay look!
by Deborah Franks

 This is a pretty handmade purse - I wish my knitting
looked this good!
by Sarah Elizabeth Designs

 Another pair of earrings - but then a girl can never have
too many earring - and these are gorgeous...
by Purple Dandelion

 And finally, although I already have a purple handbag,
I am rather in love with this one too:
by The Leather Store

I hope I have brightened your Friday - either with my hair disaster story, or my choice of lovely purple gorgeousness found on - and maybe now you might have a bit of a purple passion too...?


Ailsa said...

Oooh, my favourite colour - gorgeous collection! Enjoy the purple hair...!

Sarah said...

My favourite colour. Thanks for including me! :)