Friday, 13 August 2010

Folksy Friday - Flutterby Butterfly

Back from my sojourn in Barcelona, I am suitably refreshed and inspired!  Barcelona is a wonderful, beautiful and vibrant city (more of that another day) and has plenty of attractions to suit every taste: culture, art, history, scenery, parks, museums, beaches - and every girl's favourite - shopping!  The shops are truly fabulous, and I enjoyed one great day soaking up the continental style that abounds.

One major trend that I kept seeing was... Butterflies!  They are everywhere!  You may think that our British fashions have adopted the butterfly motif pretty well - but it's nothing compared to what I saw last week.  So, butterflies are big, big, big news - as well as being beautiful, feminine and really rather boho...

Here is my Folksy Friday Flutterby Butterfly collection:

(Click on the item name below the picture to find out more about the piece, and to be taken to the Folksy store...)

These are all such gorgeous items - you better catch them now before they all fly away!!


FairlyGirly said...

I love butterflies, what a great selection, I love them all.

Sneddonia said...

Lovely things :)

WhiteLily said...

*gasp* What are you doing to me! ;o) I have a thing for butterflies...wowwww!